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In-Class Real Estate Exam Prep - $60.00*
*Discounts for current students - check with your instructor
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Mar10 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Closed
May 18 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Register
Sept 9;00 am to 4:00 pm Interested
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Real Estate Sales
Online Real Estate Exam Prep - Ready to pass your state exam?

Online - Real Estate Sales Exam Prep
ExamSmart -
Program offers almost 500 National and GA Specific questions with detalied narrative. Classic version or video enhancement
$49 or $59 Register
Georgia Real Estate Exam Prep Edge -
CE Shop - National and GA Specific Exam Prep - Adaptive to personalize your study experience. Intuitive online experince provides feedback on topics mastered and ones requiring more work. Dynamic practice exams with unique questions. 
$69 or $119 Register
Complete Georgia Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v2.0 -
Dearborn - Simulate National and GA specific licensing exams, customize your exams by topics and subtopics, view complete answers to help you focus.  
$79.00 Register
Real Estate Sales Exam Prep Textbooks
Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam, 6th Edition $35.46 Order
Questions and Answers to help you pass the Real Estate Exam, 9th Edition $35.81 Order

America's Real Estate Academy, Inc. has prepared a sampling of 50 questions to assist you as you prepare for the Real Estate Sales State Exam.

FREE Real Estate Sales Exam PrepAREA's FREE Real Estate Exam Prep will help clarify real estate issues and concepts that you may not encounter on a regular basis. It is available, along with other free math courses and resources on the AREA Campus site.

Many candidates attempt the state exams without sufficient test taking practice. As a recent graduate you may feel confident but can be caught off guard by the subject matter tested and the nuances presented within the questions and answers of the exam. You should take advantage of all resources you have at your disposal to ensure YOUR success.

The FREE Real Estate Exam Prep presents 50 questions covering various topics. You can test yourself and view the detailed rationale for the correct answer. Repeat the test as often as you like.

Should you want or need additional exam prep resources AREA offers, some books are avaialble at the school office, check the chart of resources above, or visit the Dearborn Bookstore. Good luck as you move forward to earning your commissions!
Let AREA know how we may assist you, 


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