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"I PASSED my (Real Estate Sales) state exam 1st try!!! Thank you so much for ALL your help and guidance. I heard you talking to me the whole time taking the exam. I just want you to know how grateful I am for you and AREA. Thank you - P.Lilli-Ann B.

"Just finished & passed Broker test. It was a good one covered all aspects. THANK YOU AND DICK FOR THROUGH SUPER INSTRUCTION." Glen T.  

"Typical AREA, good content (Declining Markets) - useful information to assist us in growing and diversifying our business."
David D.

"Thank you so much. Believe me, you are like the real estate bible to me. I understand the principle of building on a solid foundation. I'll do my part and that is listen, learn, and grow. Again, I really do appreciate you and your company and thank you for all you have done and continue to do." Jermaine M.

"Thank you for the USPAP book. I love the way your company cares about your students." Roy J. 

"Thorough - Detailed - Professional (Real Estate Exam Prep). Instrutor made the students feel that they are important and expressed an interest in each individual's progress, and had confidence in their ability to pass. And I did!"
 Julie B.

"Thanks for the information about USPAP. I would have to say that one of the best advantages in working with AREA is being able to utilize the courses for multiple licenses!! Of course, it is also wonderful to work with people like you that know how to help students like me take advantage of all that AREA has to offer. Thanks for all the information and help--you are a true pleasure with work with!" Jamie H. 

"In 6 years of Appraisal education, this is easily the best written material (Statistics, Valuation Modeling and Finance) I have seen. Again, thank you." Bruce M.

"Unbelievably talented at conveying the message and info. I have enjoyed this class (Sales Comparison & Income Approach Part 1) and gotten more from it than any other CE/CL appraisal course I have taken." Kelley S.

"Thank you very much to the answer to my question. You have always been very helpful to me and I'm sure to other people. I will continue to take my classes from AREA and I will always tell everyone what a great school you have."
Bryan V.

"Very insightful and informative. Good use of personal experiences and a thorough understanding of subject matter (Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use)." Frederick H.

"The course (Home Inspection) was very helpful with my future plans of owning my own business. The instructor made my learning time fun and straight to the facts and I look forward to having him as a future instructor in the near future." Melvin J.

"I learned more in this one week
(Home Inspection) than I have in whole semesters of other courses." Daniel P.

"I am very glad that I found a school that goes in depth on this course matter (Sales Comparison & Income Approach Part 1) Very informative! I will return for future classes." Rhonda E.
"I don't know how you all find the time to be so great!!! Thank you! I was able to complete my appraisal renewal online this morning. I look forward to attending (Adv Appraisal Applications and Case Studies) class this week. I wish learning could have been so much fun in high school; I maybe would have learned more than I did. Thanks again!
Dave D.

"Really enjoyed the course (Sales Comparison & Income Approach Part 2) and walked away with a great deal of new knowledge that can be applied in my career!"
Ross B.

"First I want to thank the Academy for having not only a great (Home Inspection) intro course but thanks for employing a fantastic teacher. I truly enjoyed the class and gained valuable knowledge. The instructor really knows his business and had some great advice for my next steps into this challenging field." Bob W.

"Thank you so much for providing so many resources and options! You have been the most helpful person I've talked with regarding (Administration and licensing) and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Thanks to your help, I'll definitely be doing my CE with AREA..." Gail W.

"I was thinking the National USPAP would be extremely boring. The instructor did a superb job of making it interesting and lively - I actually enjoyed it. Instructor was very professional and knowledgable." Patrick P.

"I felt this course (National USPAP) gave me the student to teacher and student to student interaction I missed with the online course." Kwadwo J.

"I really want to take the time and thank you for spending your time to explain to me the required (Appraisal) courses I need. You have been very helpful and it reaffirms my decision that AREA was and is the best school to continue my career in real estate. I will be signing up for the USPAP course but I wanted to take this time and thank you. It is this kind of customer service that makes people come back to AREA." Gerard J.

"Excellent and well presented.(Res Appraisal Site Valuation and Cost Approach) Explained under different senarios until understood."
Kala J.

"As an experienced appraiser, I found the course (Appraisal Applications) content to be leaning toward real life as opposed to merely book knowledge. This is what appraisers deserve prior to mentorship." Duane M.

"WOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I do appreciate all of your help and information. It is truly a pleasure having someone like you and your company go to such lengths to help me in this situation. I greatly appreciate it."  (Real Estate Sales Pre-License) Jamie H.

"I would like to say that overall my experience with AREA (Appraisal 90-hrs) has been GREAT. Everyone is very professional and everything is very organized and I really appreciate that. I took and passed the USPAP test and found your test software to be sophisticated yet easy to use. Thanks." Steve T.    

"Very impressive (Home Inspection). I learned a lot of things that I would not otherwise know while going through a home, for I sell real estate." Katherine S.

"This course (Field Inspection) would be informative for all appraisers." Wendy N.

"Real world actual assignments in the field are the best learning tools! (Appraisal Techniques). Great instructor and really knows her stuff!!" Wayne W.

"Great course (USPAP 7-Hr Update). It reinforces the need to have USPAP often and a constant reminder of the rules and regulations of Appraising."
Michael E.

"I thank you and my baby thanks you as well. I hope to make AREA proud." (Appraisal) Sylvester S.

"Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you guys (Real Estate Sales Online). I called on several occasions and all of my questions were answered. It's a nice change to interact with helpful, knowledgeable and professional people. Thanks again!"  Donna W.

"I wanted to let you know that I interviewed with the company you referred me to and I start work Monday. I had taken my real estate class with XXX and was signed up for other courses. I found out when you finished the courses you were on your own. I switched to AREA to take the Appraisal and Home Inspection courses because of the Mentoring Program offered and the contacts I'd make. The instructors were great and sincere about their students succeeding. The Home Inspection course also helped with my interview. Thanks again for the help." John M.  

"Teacher has a great attitude and his presentation skills are great. The USPAP material is really boring but he made it interesting with lots of real life examples and jokes."
Bil-Qis R.
"I came in with no USPAP knowledge, and now I feel very confident going into the test."
Bryan H.

"Very worth my time. The instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting. The Field Inspection course helped me in some terminology as an appraiser." Rochelle L.

"The partnerships/links section of your website is very, very good. All of the resources that I need are made available on your site. I was able to incorporate, get my business license, create a logo, etc... I just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the effort you all put forth. (Appraisal, Home Inspection, Real Estate student) Michelle W.  

Received more information than expected! Great class! (Successfully Selling HUD Homes)
Larry D. 

"(Successfully Selling HUD Homes) Course was very informative. I will use this knowledge to better my business. Thank you." Caron C.

"I just wanted ya'll to know I passed (Real Estate Sales Pre-License State Exam) with an 87.5%. Thanks for all your help!!
Tom P.

"I really have enjoyed taking classes (Appraisal  - Home Inspection - Mentoring) from AREA and would highly recommend your company to anyone interested in pursuing a Real Estate Career. Your instructors have been professional and entertaining. I look forward to taking all of my CE classes from AREA." Trish R.

"Very positive, upbeat. Creates an atmosphere in which you feel that this field of work (Appraisal) is persoanlly attainable...Very professional from years of experience...Can't wait to become an appraiser. Good reference materials. Complete package. Thank you." Sandra P.

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. The (Home Inspection) course was very enlightening, sparked my desire to learn more about the intricacies of the construction, upkeep and safety issues of a good home." Dwight P.

"Instructor was excellent! Knowledge, attitude, and charisma made (Real Estate Sales Pre-License) class very interesting and enjoyable. So glad I didn't take class on-line."
Catherine L.   

"(USPAP 7-Hr Update) Very helpful and beneficial as well as any course I have
participated in at AREA over the past 2 1/2 years." John S.

"Thank you so much for your help. You did a great job getting me ready for the Real Estate Sales Pre-License exam. Kind of excited about scoring a 93.4. Now I'm ready to go to work."
John L.

"Very good course (Home Inspection). I've been in my own construction company for 20+ years and thought I knew a lot. Shame on me." Louis A.

"I took the license test this Tuesday and got an 84...The (Appraisal Exam Prep) review class definitely helped." Jeff N.

"I thought I would let you know..I took the exam last Saturday. Passed it on the first shot - 85. Appraisal Exam Prep was good." Yared Z.

 "Extremely informative (Appraisal Report Writing). I had been struggling with what was required/expected in each field of the URAR." Daryl C.

Excellent combination of practical applied experience (Appraisal Report Writing) with knowledge. Great trainer - felt like she was a coach. Thank you! Lawrence M.

"Appraisal Report Writing. Very helpful. I love this company!" Chrissi B.

"Great Course! Anyone who sleeps under a roof needs to take this course. No one should buy, sell, rent or live in a house without taking this (Home Inspection) class. I've learned that a home can be a dangerous place." Jessee D.

"I am happy that Southern Poly Tech cancelled the class that I registered for in Feb. I was forced to look for another school and my wife found AREA. This was definitely worth a savings of $650!! Great (Home Inspection) class. Raymond D.

"Very informative. I've been in the building industry most of my life and learned a lot from coming to this (Home Inspection) class. Great class. I would recommend it to anyone." Michael W.

"This (Home Inspection) has been an excellent experience for me. I now know and understand more about a home and the right way it works." Freddie H.

"Very good (Real Estate Sales) class. The teacher is very knowledgeable and ready to share his experience." Marietta D.

"Instructor was very thorough with the (Real Estate Sales) material. He was efficient in handling everyone's questions...stayed on track... There is a lot of material and as a student you have to stay focused. It was great, just very challenging." Satari F.

"Excellent class (Field Inspection) ...loved the instructor. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the entire Home Inspection class in the future...One can always learn more!" Cindy G.

"Most helpful of all CE classes (Appraisal Report Writing) in last 2 years!" Yvonne M.

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me. I took the State Certified Residential Appraiser test today. I am now a State Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser! Thanks again," Susie N.

"I wanted to thank AREA for a great (Appraisal) experience in hopefully what will become a rewarding career change for me. I am looking forward to further courses you have listed. I enjoyed the learning experience and appreciated the professional conduct and high standard of the school. Thanks again," Ted S.

"Great addition of material (New Skills for Real Estate Agents) that was not covered in detail at my pre-license school. The instructor made the material much easier to understand. Would like to take other CE courses at AREA."
Michael P.
Excellent. I have been in the construction business for 45 years. I needed the inspection training to know what to look for, how to find it, and what causes were. This (Home Inspection) course has given me the knowledge I lacked to recognize and report problems in an orderly process." William W.
"Very informative course (Appraisal Techniques) for new appraisers. I learned a lot and look forward to attending more courses."
Bernard U.
"Looking back now, the Appraisal Class went very quickly...All the materials, instruction, and examples that AREA provided make it possible to retain so much in a relatively short period of time. Great job done by all." Charlotte L.

"As of this email I have completed six Home Inspections and have three more scheduled, I'm offering technical advice on a basement that is under construction and previewed a townhouse. I have a big smile everyday as I enjoy what I do...Thanks" Milton G.

"Just wanted you both to know that I passed the test yesterday!! (Appraisal Licensed State Exam). Must be great instruction as I have passed all of the tests on the first attempt. Couldn't have done it without your help." Pat C.

"I passed (Appraisal Certified State Exam). This was the first state exam I have taken because I skipped license...Most people I know took it 2 or 3 times...I do appreciate your classes, if it weren't for me taking them then I obviously wouldn't have passed. Thanks." Kelley C.

"I have truly enjoyed the entire Appraisal class. Look forward to taking the sales class in the near future." Blake H.

"Excellent class. The USPAP Case Studies were very beneficial. Great classroom setting - One of the best I have been to in years." Maureen M.

"Very clear, understandable and fun. Fantastic explanation of course (Real Estate Sales) material". Sergey P.

"Very informative on the reality of Real Estate Sales. Not just teaching book information but real life situations." Delana K.

"...things have grown so fast and we are so busy but not a day goes by that I don't have to stop and think, hey, yeah, we covered that in class. I know what to do about that. I want to thank you for being so thorough. I think you gave us more practical skills for us to use once out in the field...I find myself utilizing many of the things learned in class. I recommend your school to anyone who truly wants to learn and enter this exciting field of real estate Appraising." Nicki T.
"I just want to let you know how grateful I am for taking your class. I believe you offer more practical skills for the appraiser then other schools. After a short training period with my company I have been working steadily (from day one after receiving my certification) utilizing many of the things you taught in class. The owner of my company reviews my appraisals and she appreciates the quality of my work. I would recommend you and this class to anyone wanting to get into the Real Property Appraisal Field". Scott R. 

"Please tell Dick how his teaching, patience, and willingness to help the student, impacted me, in not just memorizing, but actually needing and wanting to learn!" William E.

"I want to thank you for doing such a great job with us and being so thorough teaching our Appraisal class. You've ignited a passion and professionalism in me for the business, beyond anything I expected. For that, I am very grateful. I've done about 25 appraisals now, and have had 12 go into review and come out without any conditions. THANKS." Bill F. 

"Within two or three weeks of finishing your (Home Inspection) class, I had generated enough revenue to keep an honest man from looking for a real job...The most difficult part for me was "How do I market myself?" Once that was out of the way, the demand for service was definitely there. I'm in fact already trying to decide whether or not to expand my business...For this I owe you a debt of gratitude." Robert L. 

"Again, thank you for such an awesome Home Inspection Class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and benefited greatly from it." Regina T.

"Thanks for jumping in and getting our info entered on such short notice! It is reassuring to know that you and Dick are so willing to support your students." Grace C.

"Hello Dick, good to hear form you again. I am presently doing Home Inspections and enjoying it. To be honest if has taken over my Real Estate Business." Columbus J.

"I really enjoyed the FHA class and learned a lot. My wife and I both passed our FHA test the following day and it only took about 20 mins...We enjoyed taking your class and look forward to taking more classes from you, once more, thank you for your help." Rusty and Carol L.

"Just wanted you to know that I took the (Appraisal License) test yesterday. I finished in 1 hour and I passed. I got an 84 on the test. I could not have done it without your help, the class was terriffic." Trudy J.

"Again, thanks for the quick response. It's nice to know there's an Appraiser of your knowledge and experience that takes the time to help his students." Debra B.

"I successfully completed the exam to get my Appraiser's License and I would like to thank you for your excellent help with the Prep Course." Joe S.


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