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 Home Inspection Questions 
  • Does Georgia require a license for home inspectors?
    There is no professional license required at this time for home inspectors just the standard business license required by the county in which the business is located. Some municipalities are now requiring proof of training and AREA will provide a certification at the end of the full program.   back to top

  • How quickly can I get started working?
    Many students start their home inspection businesses immediately upon completion of the course. To get started you need only to obtain a county or city business license. The course content of the full program explains all of the steps and options for business formation, marketing, and completing a professional inspection report.  back to top

  • What about becoming certified?
    Presently there is no state certification but students can become a member in national organizations to earn the certified or registered distinction. InterNACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and The Housing Inspection Foundation (HIF) fully endorse the home inspection program offered by AREA. Graduates qualify to earn the Certified or Registered designation by joining InterNACHI or HIF since it is recognized that the students have received the proper training to perform home inspections through these courses.  back to top

  • Why is your course so much less than others?
    The home inspection course is complete and thorough - the better question is how can others charge so much? We have a vested interest in keeping you as a student. Unlike other home inspection schools, AREA offers other related real estate education opportunities. We expect to have you for the long run, not just for one class. We are unaware of any home inspection course at any price that offers the content of our course. This course covers construction from footing to the roof, including an onsite visit to view homes under construction. AREA covers what to inspect, how to inspect, and equally important, how to report findings. We cover relevant code sections, provide guidance on business formation, and share marketing strategies.   back to top

  • Do you provide CEU credits for students?
    Yes. Students who need to maintain their present professional level can utilize the AREA home inspection program to earn continuing education units (CEU) for ICC, ASHI or NAHI and for state appraisal or real estate licenses. In addition students who wish to elevate an appraisal license can take the home inspection program to earn advancement elevation credit. For state license advancement, an exam is required. The AREA office will work with each student to ensure you maximize the course benefits.   back to top

  • What is CABO certification and does AREA offer it?
    CABO certification was a designation that recognized knowledge of the International Residential One and Two Family Construction Code. This was formerly issued by the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) upon passage of a four-part examination. In 2003 the SBCCI was absorbed into the International Code Council (ICC). The new code designation available is Registered Building Inspector (RBI). You do not need to be code certified to be a good home inspector or to enjoy the financial benefits of your own home inspection business. This is however, a sought after credential that home inspectors should work toward obtaining in order to distinguish themselves in this industry.  back to top


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