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Appraisal Courses - Registered Licensed Certified and CE Appraiser Online classes
Appraisal USPAP Courses - National AQB 15 and 7 Hour Update Classes
Appraisal License and Certified Elevation Appraiser Courses - classroom and online
Appraisal Continuing Education classroom and online Appraiser Courses
Georgia Appraisal Requirements - Registered Licensed Certified Appraisers
Georgia process to obtain Appraisal Registered License
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Appraisal Online Courses
Online appraisal courses satisfy GREAB requirements. Questions? AREA can assist you - or 770-591-5552.
Not in Georgia? Click here and search for online courses across country.

Becoming an Appraiser - Prelicense Online Appraisal Registration Courses

Online appraisal courses can be an option for those with time constraints.

Appraisal Pre-License Program - Online
Appraisal Principles, Procedures, Report Writing, and USPAP

Courses can be taken individualy or as a package - Proctored Exam Required
Periodic/Seasonal discounts may be available


Basic Appraisal Principles - 30 hrs $435.00


Basic Appraisal Procedures - 30 hrs $435.00
Res. Report Writing & Case Studies - 15 hrs $225.00
National USPAP - 15 hrs $315.00
Supervisor-Trainee - 4 hrs *not req'd for Reg license $105.00
94 hrs - Trainee Basics Package $1209.00
94 hrs - Trainee Learning Package $1449.00
94 hrs - Trainee Advanced Pro Package $1729.00

Real Estate Appraisal
Maintaining or Elevating a License - 14 hrs CE req'd each renewal

Numerous CE Course Options


14-Hr Renewal Package W/USPAP $320.00  
Visit site for more info and to Register
14-Hr Renewal Package $240.00
7-Hr USPAP Update Course $209.00
Pricing and hours vary - 2 to 14hr CE course options Starting at $59.00

Online Appraisal Qualification/Advancement Courses - Proctored Exam Required

Upgrade from Trainee/Registered to Licensed
Elevation Courses


Upgrade Package to Licensed Level - 60 hrs $699.95  
Site Valuation and Cost Approach - 15hrs $209.95
Market Analysis & Highest & Best Use - 15hrs $209.95
Sales Comparison and Income Approach - 30hrs $409.95
Report Writing and Case Studies - 15hrs $209.95
Upgrade from Licensed to
Certified Residential Elevation Courses


Upgrade Package to Certified Residential - 50 hrs $599.95 Register
Advanced Res. Applications & Case Studies - 15 hrs $209.95
Statistics, Modeling and Finance - 15 hrs $209.95
Appraisal Subject Matter - Elective Course - 20 hrs $279.95
Upgrade to Certified General Elevation Courses


Upgrade from Trainee/Registered to CG - 225 hrs $2499.95 Register
Updgrade from Certified Residential to CG - 180 hrs $1999.95
General Appraiser Market Analysis Highest and Best Use - 30 hrs $409.95
General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach - 30 hrs $409.95
General Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach - 30 hrs $409.95
General Income Approach - 60 hrs $779.95
General Report Writing and Case Studies - 30 hrs $409.95
Statistics, Modeling and Finance - 15 hrs $209.95
Commercial Appraisal Review - Elective - 15 hrs $209.95
Expert Witness for Commercial Appraisers -
Elective Course - 15 hrs



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