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Monday, 28 December 2009
Goodbye to 2009 (for some it will be “good-riddance”) and “hello” 2010.
January 1, 2010 not only starts the New Year, but it is also the day the tax assessor values your real estate for property tax purposes. Each spring, Georgia property owners receive an assessment notice informing them of the value of their property – as estimated by the county assessor’s office. In most of the years prior to 2009, those notices customarily showed increases in the property’s value.
When the property owner disagreed with the tax assessor’s increased value, the property owner was able – at that time – to appeal the assessor’s estimate of value. However, as many property owners discovered in 2009, when the tax assessor does not change the value from the previous year, there is no right to appeal – even if the actual value of the property has decreased. To preserve the right to appeal an assessment, property owners must file a property tax return before April 1st (or in some counties, March 1st).
Failure to understand your rights and responsibilities can result in paying hundreds (or thousands) too much in property taxes. To help in that regard, America’s Real Estate Academy, Inc. (AREA) will present a seminar designed to assist homeowners learn how the property tax system operates and what must be done to protect against over-assessments.
The seminar will provide a simple and easy to understand explanation of the property tax assessment process, the appeal process, and how to acquire and present evidence of a property’s value to assist the tax assessor in arriving at the correct fair market value.
The seminar is two hours long and will be conducted on Friday January 22, 2010 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and repeated again on Sunday January 24, 2010 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Property tax return forms and appeal forms will be provided. The seminars will be held at the AREA’s Woodstock classroom which is next door to the Goodwill on Highway 92 at I-575. Registration is required and space is limited. There is a nominal fee of $15 to attend ($20 per couple from the same household).  
AREA is a real estate, appraisal, home inspection, and business development school located in Acworth and Woodstock, GA. AREA does not provide legal services. This presentation is for educational purposes. For more information or to reserve your seat, call AREA at (770) 591-5552 or send an email to
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