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IT Basics Course - Learn how to host your own websiteHost Your Own Website for FREE!
IT Basics Course

Got an old Windows XP computer? Let us suggest a perfect use for it. Set it up as a web server and host your own website right from your house - for FREE!

AREA's IT Basics course will walk you through step by step and show you how to configure an old computer to host multiple websites right from your home - assuming you have high speed internet access.

The course will also show you how to get FREE website editing software so you can create and maintain your own websites without knowing html. You will also be introduced to the basics of search engine optimization - or things that you can do to increase your site's ranking with the search engines.

While advanced concepts will be discussed, the course is designed to be delivered to individuals who have a basic understanding of computer hardware and software. This new non-CE course will be a one-day workshop. You will review fundamentals of the internet, learn how to purchase your own '.com domain name' and set up your own personal and permanent email address - for FREE.

The course will also review available FREE webmaster tools from Google, Google's FREE Google Analytics, and several ways that you can earn money from your website real estate!

This is great course for anyone interested in becoming more independent and self-sufficient with technology. It is also a great opportunity for your son or daughter to make more efficient use of the technology you already own. Class size will be limited so contact us at if you are interested. 
Worldwide WebmastersWebsite Development - You asked for it – You got it!
Need help setting up your website and establishing a true business image, AREA can assist. Now you have no excuse for conducting business with an email sounding un-professional. Stop advertising Yahoo with your email. Instead, advertise YOUR business by using a professional email address.

AREA has worked with a few students already and will be announcing soon how we can provide any student with a professional email address at “” and a professional brochure website – all for just $129. With new plans by AREA you will be able to select your domain name and email address – both will be owned and controlled by YOU! The email address will be your PERMANENT email address and can be used with any internet service provider – so you will never have to change email addresses again. Imagine - your customers do not have to know who bought what - BellSouth - AT&T - Alltell - Windstream.

As a separate service, website hosting can be provided. AREA has a small monthly website hosting fee of $12.95 per month, but you can use what you are presently using or choose any hosting service. So, if you are currently – do yourself a favor and give your professional image a boost and become

If you want more than a basic package, AREA will have Student Business Plans with as many as 100 email addresses at as well as more robust websites to choose from. We are working with the students who already contacted AREA for help. If you want to upgrade now, send us a note at and we will help. More details will be posted soon. 



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